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Richie Mishal

Richie takes pride in being an Arab first and an American second. He has traveled to most Arab countries and during his visits, he encountered many Arab people who complained about the large number of visa denials. They assumed that the denial was motivated by racism.

Education and Work Experience

Richie graduated with double major degrees from California State University and worked for the Department of State for four years. During his tenure, Richie developed a deep understanding of how Visa Officers conduct interviews and make decisions.

Visa applicants often failed at their visa interviews because they didn’t understand the nuanced requirements or simply did not know how to effectively convey their personal and professional situations to the Visa Officer.

Expert Guidance

With Richie’s expert guidance, applicants can now fully prepare for the U.S. visa process to ensure they have the best chance of a successful outcome.

Career Transition

After retiring from the U.S. Government, Richie opened a gym business and a sports nutrition company, focusing on launching a new line of sports supplements. The company became an international success. In 2019, Richie sold the company and opened “Visa Richie” to help Arab citizens pass their visa interviews.

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